Anchors Aweigh!

By now you all know that my husband is going out to sea again. The other day he had asked me, "how is this so easy for you?" I was a bit shocked by his inquiry. That he actually thought that it's easy for me having to say goodbye over and over.

Once I collected my thoughts I replied, "It's not easy. It's not something I'm used to, I just live with the reality that you have to leave often. I can't change that fact no matter how badly I want to."

I really would keep him home if I could but, because I can't do so without being arrested, I'm just going to have to make the best of our situation.

Once my hub gave me the news I asked him if he needed or wanted anything specific to take with him. He sent me the list via text message. Yesterday I took that list with me to my local Target, and after acquiring his supplies I thought to myself, 'what else can I get him to make this time going out more enjoyable?' And, Well, I just couldn't help myself.

These are the items that are on the list he sent me,

and these are the extra items I picked up for him.

I'm planning on sticking it all in a nice gift bag rather than handing it to him in plastic store bags.

 As for tonight the husband and I are going out for a wild night on the town! Okay, I lie, but we are going to Denny's. Something about breakfast for dinner sounds amazing to me, and you know what they say 'It's 5 o'clock (A.M.) somewhere!'

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