Date Night

Last night the hubs and I went out to Denny's for date night. I, however, had an ulterior motive for wanting to go. I was craving pancakes.

Normally when I bring up the idea of Denny's for date night the Mr. cringes, so just imagine how joyous I was to hear him agree. Maybe he is finally understanding you never mess with a pregnant woman's food. Unless of course you hate your hands.

The night started out like any normal night. The hostess sat us, we ordered our drinks (strawberry lemonade for me),

and continued to stare at our menus. After looking around at other tables, awkwardly meeting with the eyes of strangers, and a few "do you know what you want's," we were ready to order.
While waiting I took these,

This is the husband, 

And this is me sipping my straw all silly like because I just can't takes pictures like a normal person.

In no time our food arrived and like a civilized cave man, I took pictures of all the deliciousness before digging in.

After a long day we headed home where I slept like a hound dog lyin' on the porch in the middle of July.

How did you all spend you night? 
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