Babies, Blinds, and Underway?

Yesterday I was leaving the house to run some errands and much to my surprise sitting just outside my door was a rather LARGE package. Contained in the package was a mixture of baby things my grandmother from up north had sent down for our baby shower,

A bunch of onesies and footsies,

Newborn sized diapers and 200+ wipes,

a pack of socks, blankets, a hooded towel, and gift set of lotion, shampoo, baby wash, and diaper cream along with a bottle of baby oil.

In other news we finally replaced our less than appealing, beat up, cherry wood blinds with a whiter, very clean, still intact version. Say what you want about white (boring, plain) but personally I think it will go better with our future wall color. We also picked up some darker door knobs to switch our gold ones out with. Making our room into ours is a slow process but I know the end product will be worth it.

We also received some not so great news that my husband is having to go out to sea again for three weeks. I am very proud of my husband for joining the Navy, I've always looked at joining the Military as an honor but it still sucks when he has to leave. On the bright side he will be training to become more qualified for his job and will still be home for our baby shower which I can not be more happy about.

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