First and Foremost . . .

First of all I’d like to say “Hello! Welcome to my blog!” as you can tell this is my very first blog post, it’s very exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Any ways let’s get to it.

 I’m Theresa, a 20 year old Navy wife, mom-to-be, and a fur mommy to my little rascal Sophie. Our little boy is due in July and we couldn't be more excited for his arrival. I am a Southern California native and my Husband is from Washington state currently stationed in Sunny San Diego, California.

K and I have only been married for 6 months and in about 6 more he’ll be on our first deployment. It makes me sad to know he will be gone for 10 months of our child’s life. The only thing I am looking forward to during this deployment are his emails and getting to send him care packages, and of course his coming home.

This blog will contain all of my thoughts and experiences, from the good days to the bad and all the beauty in between. So come along with me on my adventure as a Navy wife.

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