Our Road Trip (Part 3)

*This is a Part 3 of a series, click here to go to Part 1*

So it was finally time to make our way back to California but first, a little side trip. I am a little embarrassed to admit it but I am a Twilight fan, It's not something I tell everyone due to how evil some people can get about it. Yes everyone, we side tripped to Forks, Washington.

While still dark out we started our 6 hour trek to the western part of Washington. With no real bumps along the way, the drive was quite enjoyable.

Because we went through Port Angeles I wanted to stop by the restaurant Bella and Edward had their first date, Bella Italia.

After pictures I requested to drive the rest of the way, and again found myself guiding us through a maze of twists and turns.

 Thankfully we made it through in one piece to get this picture.

First we stopped by the Chamber of Commerce to get a handy dandy map to help us find our way around the single-signal-light town.

The next stops were Bella's house,

the Hospital,

Forks High School,

and the famous Cullen house A.K.A The Miller Tree Inn.

Once the Forks tour was over we took a trip out to La Push reservation were I proceeded to take a few more pictures.

The treaty line, 

First beach, 

Jacob's house, 

and the vampire threat meter.

We stopped at a couple souvenir places in town, then headed to the nearest gas station. On our way out we grabbed a bite to eat and proceeded to make the worse decision one can make on a trip like ours.

*Find out exactly what we did in 'Our Road Trip Part 4'*
The final chapter of the trip coming in the next couple days!
Keep an eye out for it. 

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