Where have I been?!

What was supposed to be a single day stay at the Navy Lodge on Coronado Island ended up being a 2 day vaycay. With the stress of everyday life we are hardly ever get the chance to just enjoy each others company. We are just so happy that we were able to have that time to grow our relationship before he has to leave again. 

I know what you are thinking. What happened to 'Our Road Trip Part 3'? Well I'm here to tell you not to worry it IS coming. It would have been up yesterday if it weren't for this "pregnancy brain" I have. Yes being pregnant makes me forget things easily, my grandma had it bad, my mom had it worse, and I have it terribly. Besides all that I do plan on posting it today at noon, I believe that's 3PM for those on the East Coast. 

I just want to thank you (my readers) for being patient with me while I get a hang of blogging. 

For those who love, or like, to read books I picked one up at the NEX. It's called "The Aviators Wife," I'm curious if any of you have read it and if you liked it? I just started this book so I don't have a reliable opinion on it yet. 

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