Our Road Trip (Part 4)

*This is the final part to our journey. If you haven't read Part 1 yet click here*

It was already 5pm by the time we left Forks, a whole two hours later than we had planned for. We knew there was no way we would be able to make it to a hotel in time with all the fog and twisty road that was ahead of us. Then we thought why even stop at all, let's drive through the night.

The sky darkened once we entered the wall of trees, the road threw about a billion sharp 15mph turns at us, and the fog only got thicker. The conditions we were driving in made me a Nervous Nelly, and I could tell I was starting to annoy my husband every time I said "slow down." Thankfully I had my trusty body pillow to help me fall asleep.

A few hours later I woke up to my husband pulling into a gas station.
I said to him, "for the love of all that is good, please tell me no more twisty roads?"
Well I'm not that lucky.

The longer we drove the more I grew to resent the night. It felt like we were stuck on a giant treadmill. Not even the occasional passing of a town broke the illusion. Soon the only car left in a sea of big rigs was ours and it was my turn to drive.

We had finally passed the Oregon-Washington border and I was hungry. I'm not sure where we stopped but which ever town it was had a 24 hour Mcdonalds and a truck stop.

I technically have slept in a car before but usually we are an hour or two away from home not 800+ miles.

For the next four hours I continued to wake up and fall back to sleep. The alarm the Mr. had set on his phone went off at 4am which woke me but did not wake him so I turned it off and we slept in till 5am. It was still dark out and we were both tired. I followed my husband inside the Pilot store were we bought him coffee and I an apple juice. We filled up the tank, grabbed some Mcdonalds and were back on the road.



and more fog.

I couldn't take pictures because the flash just bounced off all the fog.

Being unsure of where we were makes me unsure about how long we had been driving for. Again it was my turn to drive, luckily we finally had some light from the sun. With every passing hour and every mile driven, we grew closer to home. We drove through the California-Oregon border stopping in Weed, Ca.

We made it into Redding by 7am and realized that if we wanted to we could make it home by 9pm. So instead of stopping and resting we continued on and with my husband at the wheel I fell asleep. I woke after passing through Sacramento and insisted on taking over driving for a while.

During my turn I saw a sign saying In-n-out next exit which only caused me to start craving their pink lemonade. We stopped and ate. I insisted to keep driving, after all we were just hours away from home and I was getting anxious.

The sky grew darker and I began to worry we wouldn't make it home before 9, then my husband took over. He pushed through those last few hours. At around 8pm we were within 30 minutes of home, then 20, then 10, then down the street, and finally we made it.

The only thing on my mind was I want a hot shower and to sleep in a bed.
It felt so good to be home not in a car.

*Thank you for reading the last installation of the 'Our Road Trip'*
Do you have any crazy road trip stories?

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