I have quite a few family members in the Military. And I have always found it inspiring to see that there are those in the world so willing to help our troops try to make a not-so-easy situation, an enjoyable one. 
This is why I'd like to tell you about a company called SoldierSend.

Mick Garrison, the Founder and CEO, started SoldierSend after attempting to send a care package to a friend overseas. What he did not realize was the time it would take to gather supplies and ship them internationally. While ashamed to admit to giving up he thought; there must be a better way for busy supporters to do just that, support. And so . . .

" was born with the sole intention of making it easy for regular working people like me to directly support some of the most important people in this nation—those defending it." --Mick Garrison, Supporter and CEO

Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and The Coast Guard can utilize the site to create a registry of items they would like to receive. With this tailored list supporters can easily log in and select items to send. Using SoldierSend eliminates the hassle of A.) going to different stores to gather supplies and B.) having to deal with confusing shipping procedures. 

One of the best things about this company is that they are here to support the ones who defend us everyday. 
What are you waiting for?
Go check them out!
And help spread the word about SoldierSend to your friends and family!

If you'd like to read about their mission or their services you can click here
Don't forget to register on SoldierSend! 
Just because you don't know the person doesn't mean you can support them.

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