The Blogging Life

Being new to the blogging scene, at least for me, has been very overwhelming. Though there are a lot of resources out there to help the start up process (which I am so grateful for) It's all the choices and decisions that's the difficult part.  

Blogging to me is like trying to plan a wedding. You have to choose the dinner menu, the invites, who to invite, where to have the reception, which dinning wear is best, and what about the cake?! All those designs and flavors!

The one thing that I don't have difficulty with is finding the inspiration to keep posting. I have become very passionate about it. Sure it has its ups and downs but most things in life are like that. And I know I haven't been blogging for long, this is my sixth post, but I already know that I don't want to stop. 

I am posting on this topic because I am hoping one day I can inspire someone as I have been.
Before I started blogging I was just a reader and still do read. I have quite a few favorites, most are written by other Military wives. After a few months of following the lives of others through their online posts I felt like it was something I wanted to do, and so The Petty Officer's Wife was born. 

Before I started I wanted to have a name for this site. I wanted something that I thought no one else would have. Something that is representative of my life. Immediately 'Navy Wife and Mommy' popped into my head but I thought this is too common, someone else is bound to have it. I really didn't want to steal anyone's idea. Instead I tried something with my husbands rank. I liked it, it flowed nicely so I went with it. 

As for design, I'm still working on it. I want to make my own soon. I also hope to make tutorials that future bloggers can use to assist in the creation of their own. I'd very much like to show you all the many sides of me, the crafty, the caring, the silly, and hopefully the daring. Pull up a chair and stay a while, I'ts sure to be a bumpy ride but I'm not going anywhere.

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