Our Road Trip (Part 2)

*This is a Part 2 to a Part 1 , I've added a link for all those who'd like to read that first.*

Both the Mr. and I had awakened around the same time, 5AM, we had a long day of driving and wanted to try to get ahead of the morning traffic. We gassed up and hit the road by 6.

The drive was pretty easy for most of the way and then came my turn to take the wheel. This was our first time road tripping through the Redding/Shasta area so neither of us knew what was coming next. Turns. Lots of twisty turny road that, since I was a kid, had always made me uneasy. But it was either drive or be made fun of the rest off the trip for being 'yuppy' (The husband loves Duck Dynasty) so I gathered my courage and pushed through.

Knowing how close we were to the border of Oregon started getting me anxious. I so badly wanted a picture with the 'Welcome to Oregon' sign. Being the captain of the car for the moment I took it upon myself to pull over when the time was right.

Here's me trying to contain my excitement for this sign.

And here's my husband who seems less amused.

For the sake of my husbands sanity and mine, he took over as captain for while. Thankfully he did, I was dying to get some pictures for my family to see when we go back to Cali.

Here is one as we are entering Oregon.

And a couple others.

Just up the road from where I took these, we stopped to get gas and snacks. A quick fact about gas stations in Oregon: you don't pump your own gas. I was a little weirded out about handing over the debit card to a stranger but who am I to get in the way of someone just trying to do their job. 

Sometime after the stop at the gas station I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up we were already near the Oregon/Washington border. 

After passing through all that scary fog we entered Washington the state of . . .

More fog and frost.

Because we were in the middle of nowhere we had to back track to another town to pick up some food, adding on 10 more minutes to our destination. As it got darker and the fog got thinker I became more and more nervous about going off the road. For almost an hour we drove through that thick fog, I'm talking the kinda fog where if you take a picture with the flash on you can blind yourself. It was bad. But soon we were out of it and I had never been so relieved in my life! 

As the hours past we grew closer and closer to the house of my In-laws. Never having met them before made the last few minutes feel like days. I didn't know what I was going to walk into. Were they going to like me? After spending with them I can officially say I have met them and I love them! I happy to be able to say that I love my In-Laws, its not something you hear everyday. Also seeing the joy in my husband getting to be with his little brothers again was a treat for me. 

And the Walmart up there is HUGE! I didn't get a picture of its awesomeness but I did take one of a Valentines card,

ooh Walmart.

*That's not the end of our trip. On our way back to California we took a little detour.*
Come back Friday to see where our adventure took us in 'Our Road Trip Part 3
And don't forget to check back EVERYDAY for new content! 

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