Our Road Trip (Part 1)

Way back in late December of 2013, the Mr. and I left sunny Southern California for the cold, pine covered state of Washington. Why you ask? It's where my In-Laws live! I was unfortunate enough to not have met them before Mr. and I married due to distance and the Navy working hours. But, thanks to my husbands leave I was finally getting the chance. 

We had prepared for weeks, the car had been rented, the hotel was reserved, and the route planned. We were ready. What we didn't expect was what actually happened. 

Mr. needed surgery. The day before Christmas eve he started complaining about a horrible pain he felt on his lower right side. The symptoms he had seemed consistent with those of appendicitis, and I thought he should get checked out. The next day he went on over to urgent care to get checked out. Unfortunately they couldn't rule it out due to the lack of ultrasound systems so they sent him over to the Temecula Hospital.
One urgent care visit, two wrong turns, and three hours later he was diagnosed with appendicitis. 

Thankfully the doc okay him for travel because a few days later we were on our way to pick up our car rental. 

We should have read the fine print.

The rental company couldn't rent to us until one of us was 21 years of age. We wasted an hour driving around trying to find a place to rent to us. Either our age was the issue or the lack of available cars. Once we had realized this we were almost two hours into our trip, still in San Diego and hungry. Finally we gave up on the car rental, threw some gas in the tank and drove.

We made it to our hotel in Red Bluff around 8PM, that's 14 hours after the start of the road trip, a drive that should have only taken us 10 hours. We were both tired and hungry. My husband, whom had driven most of the way, drove up the street to a McDonalds while I used the shower to rinse off. By 10PM it was lights out for us.

*Come back tomorrow to see what happened next on,*
'Our Road Trip Part 2'  

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